Monday, March 7, 2011

solitary prowling monkey

this long-tailed macaque monkey has been prowling the area around bukit panjang park for quite sometime already. it must have got separated from its troop. monkeys are gregarious and they do not normally move or operate alone. in the wild, when i see one monkey, i can be very sure that there are a few others around. but this lone wild monkey has moved from its natural habitat to an urban environment.

the same monkey has been spotted along the linkway that joins the newly opened senja-cashew community club to the bukit panjang plaza. it has also been seen at the bus-stop nearest to the community club, on the side of the pang sua storm-water retention pond. of course, it has also made its presence felt at the club; hence, the above notice. i have also seen some 'kind-hearted' people feeding the 'poor' monkey.

of late, it has been spotted along the parapets and corridors of the block of flats next to the community club. that was when we got concerned and worried. i remember last year there was a report in the local papers about a monkey that was a nuisance and a menace; it entered a flat in which there were two young children, and it messed up the place. this also took place in bukit panjang.

the other story from malaysia, also reported last year, was even more scary: a monkey killing a baby.

when i contacted the agri-food and veterinary authority (ava), the officer manning the helpline told me that if i lived in a landed or private property, they could lend me a trap to catch the monkey. how about hdb dwellers? sorry, there was nothing much they could do except to advise us (living in a public estate with no apparent owner) to be alert and, of course, not to feed the monkey.

i think the community club is still in the process of contacting the relevant agencies because the monkey is still moving around the place freely and i do not see any trap around.


nww said...

A few months back, I saw a juvenile monkey around Greenridge Shopping Centre. It even ventured into the foodcourt a couple of times. The cleaners there chased it out quite aggresively. I wonder if it's the same one but a little more mature now

Icemoon said...

wow, monkey in foodcourt? The pay there must be peanuts, hence get monkeys.

yg said...

mr ng, it could be the same monkey. this monkey has been on the 'loose' for sometime already. we may have the most efficient civil service, but when it comes to capturing an elusive small monkey, we are not so effective.

yg said...

icemoon, pay of workers at food-courts is peanuts when you compare it to those who seldom step into a food court to eat.

peter said...

I am aware monkey menance in the Chestnut Avenue area these days. A few monkeys eneterd my parents house and were knocking at the window when they saw food inside the kitchen. One of my neighbours had her panties "stolen" - that's not food but maybe stupid monkey hum sup. Some monkeys plucked bananas from my garden too. I saw one after biting a bit decided to throw it on the ground. I dont blame that fellow bcos I tasted it, banana not tasty.

yg said...

peter, your parents still live in the chestnut avenue area? unripe bananas are not only not tasty, they also have sticky sap.

Anonymous said...

Yg, There is an error in the spelling of 'inconvenience'. Did they not get the monkey to do the checking? Hehehe!

yg said...

anon, the word is too long for the monkey to know. thanks for pointing out the error.

Dogcom said...

Check out a video clip of a family monkeys I spotted at Hua Guan Avenue recently : )

Anonymous said...

It's time the people in charge take these monkeys seriously. A recent announcement explains that the police are not.

An encounter with these monkeys recently left my grand nieces shocked and traumatised.

I have seen them in the trees at the Goldhill Avenue and Malcolm Road area a few weeks ago.

Thanks for allowing me to use your portal to air my views.

Andy Lim
60s Music

peter said...

I saw monkeys in my Chesnut Avenue neighbour's property up on the roof.

How they got there not sure bcos 3 storey high. anyway the whole gang shooked the TV antennae and bared their teeth.

aiyah why they dont bring back the catapult? If I can find one I sure shoot them with stones. I used to do those sort of things in my younger days but broke my neighbour's window pane after missing the bird.

yg said...

peter, you missed hitting your neighbour's bird but did your stone ended up on the nest/cage?