Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the automobile association's car badge

this metal chrome badge of the automobile association (of singapore) has become a collector's item. it appears to be a rarity in singapore. i have been looking at old cars in car-parks and on the roads for this badge. i had been lucky to come across this one on the front grill of an old mercedes benz parked at sembawang park.

in the united kingdom where these badges were first issued in 1906, they were initially made of brass, and over time this metal was replaced by nickel, and then the white metal chrome.

according to one report, the square badge was made available in 1967. i might have seen it on some cars in the past but i have been trying very hard able to find one on a car but without success. however, i did manage to see a square emblem on the top of a singapore's automobile association's tow truck.

this is by far the one most commonly displayed by present members - the plastic decal. even then, not all members bother to get the vinyl decal for display. it is not a sought-after item like the old chrome badge.

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