Sunday, March 13, 2011

removing content without breaking egg-shell

first, you will need a long and sharp needle to break the shell of the fresh egg. you hold the needle with your thumb and fore-finger very close to the piercing end of the needle. gently but firmly, force the sharp end onto the shell. once it breaks, you will have created a hole which is about the diameter of the needle.

using a long syringe, pump air into the egg. as air is pumped into the egg, the content will slowly ooze out. continue pumping air into the egg until all the egg-white and the york are emptied from the shell.

next, to clean the inside of the egg, you fill the syringe with water and pump it into the egg. alternate this by pumping air into the shell. continue this process until the water that comes out of the egg is clear. you may have to do this 3 or 4 times before the water is thoroughly clear.

what do you do with the drained-out content? you should refrigerate it and consume it as soon as possible. do not keep it for more than two days.

so, what can you use this clean-out egg-shell for? most people would fill it with agar-gar (jelly) which should be a popular item at children's parties. i suppose you can also make easter eggs with these egg-shells. for decorative purposes, you can either hand-paint these empty egg-shells or use lacquered paper to cover them.


peter said...

alamak you should have been my art teacher. I broke so many egg-shells in primary shcool in order to make those puppet heads. We were told by the teacher to plac eit on the mouth and suck the contents out. That was the early 60s.

yg said...

peter, i was not aware of this method until recently when a friend showed us how it was done. to make the puppet heads, you would have needed to make a big hole, big enough to stick your finger in it.

doris said...

so troublesome. i just make a small hole big enough to pour out the egg contents and to slide in a sliver of peach before filling it with white almond jelly. when jelly sets, cut it into half and wallah, i have jelly with "egg yolk". not as nice as yours but good enough to delight anyone.
i used to collect the egg shells from friends who bake before CNY and made dozens of egg jelly for CNY.

yg said...

doris, but this way quite neat and hygienic.

Thimbuktu said...

yg, thanks for the egg shell tips for children's party and decoration for art and craft too. Helpful ideas for children in school and for fun.

yg said...

james, i am glad to know that you find it helpful. blogging is sharing.