Sunday, January 16, 2011

stroller, then and now
this picture of a vintage stroller was sent to me by my blogger friend peter after he had read my blog posting on the birth of my grandson. i cannot recall seeing babies on strollers when i was young. however, seeing this photograph triggered my memory. i remember a movie in the 60s - a horror one, i believe - where a stroller or pram was prominently featured. can anyone remember the title of that movie?

if you compare today's stroller with the 1930 stroller, you will find that the modern stroller is made mainly of light-weight material. it may have more parts and more features but the weight may be lighter than the simple old stroller. the old stroller appears to be made mainly of metal and wood.

the modern stroller is collapsible; it can be folded with one hand for quick closing, so that it can be stored in the boot of a car for easy transportation. it is equipped with all-wheel suspension with a one-touch brake, just like central locking. the swivel front wheels make for better manoeuvrability. for the comfort of the baby, there is a four-position back-rest and two-position footrest. the stroller also comes with a multi-position hood with a storage pocket and a hinged front tray.

this baby car-seat which doubles as a carrier is sold as an optional item but it had to be bought because without a carrier, the baby could not be discharged from the hospital (in melbourne). just telling the hospital staff that you had a carrier in your car was not enough. you had to take it from your car and show it to the hospital adminsitration staff member. this carrier can be attached to the stroller. besides australia, i know of another country - the united states of america - where this is a requirement.


replicas de bolsas said...

I am looking for a stroller which can be folded with one hand for quick closing, so that it can be stored in the boot of a car for easy transportation.

yg said...

hi replicas de bolsas, the new stroller featured in this post - peg perego pliko p3 - is actually quite easy to fold. if you get the knack of it, you can fold it with one hand. the other stroller we are using back in s'pore, a combi, is just as easy to fold...can do it with one hand.

zoe said...

Are you thinking of Rosemary's baby? there was a creepy old stroller in that