Wednesday, January 26, 2011

conservation buildings quiz

these buildings are found in one of the more than 70 protected areas in singapore. they are considered protected because you cannot demolish the buildings or make any unauthorised alteration to the facade of the buildings.

this area covers five roads and i counted about 127 conserved buildings altogether, mostly for residential use but some for commercial purposes.

1 where is this area?

2 it used to be a residential stronghold for a certain group of people. what was this group?

3 where did this group move to?

(no, i am not back in singapore yet. i am still some 6000km away from home.)


Lam Chun See said...

Looks like the Blair Road area.

Pat said...

1) My 1st thought upon looking at the frontage of the terraced shophouse is that of the area opposite SGH (ie. New Bridge Rd side) -- consisting of Neil Rd, Kg Bahru Rd, Blair Rd, Everton Rd & Spottiswoode Park Rd. Hey, that's a total of 5 roads yeah ? There are 167 shophouse units in the said area.

I think Chun See is correct ... there is indeed a unit 57 at the tail-end of Blair Rd, near the KTM train yard.

2) The Peranakans used to live in that area. Isn't it called the Blair Road Peranakan conservation/ preservation area ? The musician Dick Lee now works from unit 57.

3) I suppose the relocated Peranakans moved to Joo Chiat/ Katong ... or Melbourne ?

yg said...

both chun see and pat got the answer to the first question.
it is the blair plain area. however, pat went on to give the 5 roads in that area and the area the peranaksans relocated to.

i have not met many peranakans in melbourne though i have been to one nyonya cafe in melbourne.

by the way, i am not a peranakan.