Friday, May 27, 2011

wine from the peninsular winery

i know a few friends who bring home a lot of wine each time they visit melbourne. no, it's not that the wine is much cheaper here. according to one friend, it is because they enjoy that particular wine but cannot get the same brand in singapore. of course, there are those who take advantage of the comparatively lower cost of wine in australia.

a family of three just left for singapore with about 20 bottles of wine in their bags. now that the allowance for wine has been increased to 2 bottles (litres) per person, they can take home at least 6 bottles duty-free. however, most of the time they exceed the quota for each person. what about the extra 14 bottles? they declare them at the customs and pay the duties on them. i think if you take in more than 10 bottles per person, you may have to apply for an import permit.

in the state of victoria, the bigger vineyards, like chandon and yering, are at the yarra valley, which is about 45 minutes by car from where i am staying. there are smaller vineyards distributed all over victoria. we prefer to visit those on the mornington peninsula, which is actually futher away. it takes about an hour of driving to reach t'gallant, the one we visit more often.

the friends who took home 20 bottles of wine, had 12 bottles of the moscato wine. they were all bought from the t'gallant winery on the mornington peninsula. moscato (sometimes spelt as muscato) wine comes from the muscat grape, which is a sweet white grape.

moscato is a wine which will find favour with social drinkers like myself. ladies should not have a problem taking to this wine because of its low alcohol content (6%) and its sweet flavour.

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