Tuesday, April 26, 2011

election day song

election fever is in the air. like i told some of my friends before i left for australia to babysit my grandson, this year's election will be interesting and more exciting than all the previous ones. people are more open and they are not so fearful. the electorate, especially, some of the younger ones, are openly declaring that they will vote for the opposition. those of my parents' generation actually kept their vote secret; they would not even reveal their choice to their own children.

in the late 50s or early 60s, when i was in primary school, i remembered singing the election day song. this song was intended to tell the people that voting was compulsory; that their vote was a secret (it still is); and that their choice could affect the future of the country.

our election day is on the 30th may

do please remember that you must vote

only you will know whom you voted for

do remember on our choice depends

the future trends of singapore

so go to the polls on 30th may

and cast your vote on election day


Lam Chun See said...

Wow. Did you recall the words from memory. That's more than 1/2 century ago!

yg said...

chun see, i could only remember the first line. had to search for it on the internet.

Andy Young* said...

Hi yg,
Thanks for the Singapore version. Glad you managed the lyrics.

yg said...

andy, it was quite a nice song; that's why after all these years, i can still remember the tune. i think it was also played on the air.