Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sentosa boardwalk

the sentosa boardwalk is just a nice sounding name to entice visitors to take a stroll from vivocity to sentosa. if you are thinking of working out a sweat, like what you do at the boardwalks of macritchie reservoir park and lower peirce reservoir park, forget about it. this is not going to be the case. walking the less than 1km distance of the covered boardwalk will not make you perspire, even on a warm day. the sentosa boardwalk is not a npark boardwalk.

there are even travelators for those who find walking the short distance too much of a strain. it has a covered canopy all the way to the island of peace and tranquility. however, on the day of my visit, some sections of the travelators were not working. most visitors prefer use the travelators than the boardwalk.

you can choose to walk for free, without having to pay for admission charges into sentosa, if you stop at the turnstiles. if you want to continue onto the island, then tap your ez-link card and $1.00 will be deducted. you will find yourself in resort world sentosa. the new visitors' centre is also within the same area.

along the way, you enjoy a good view of the channel between sentosa and mainland singapore and cruise ships at the cruise centre. from now until 13 february, when the flower festival is still on, you can enjoy the delightful colours of the lunar new year flowers on display. at resort world, you will find the 12 animals of the chinese zodiac formed from flowers. there is also a gigantic fortune rabbit.

it's best to take the bus or train to harbourfront to begin your stroll from vivocity waterfront promenade. if you drive, you can park at seah imm car-park or vivocity. on a week-day, finding a parking space at vivocity should not be much of a problem.


doris said...

there's a 9pm crane show and fireworks, so going there at nite is better during this festive period.

yg said...

yes, the crane dance animaltronics show is at the sentosa waterfront. it's free.