Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fine toothed comb

some people refer to this as the 'kutu comb'. i do not know how effective it is at removing kutus (head lice) from the hair. it must have worked for some. according to one friend, she managed to catch some kutus this way. however, i do know that when it comes to removing cradle cap, it does work fine.

this nyonya fine toothed comb was handed down to us from my wife's paternal grandmother. she had used this to comb her hair meticulously every morning. it kept her hair straight and neat because of the closeness of the teeth.

to use this comb to scrape the cradle cap from the scalp, you will first have to rub olive oil onto the scalp. i do not know whether the extra virgin oil that is used for cooking will do. we use the 'olivin' fragrant olive oil to massage his scalp before shampooing his hair. after his bath, we used the comb to gently dislodge the cradle cap.

it is quite impossible to remove all the cradle cap on the head at one go. it may take months before the cradle cap finally disappear. one should not try to force the removal of the cradle cap although it may look unsightly.

wonder if you can still get this fine toothed comb from the chinese medical shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I've seen this comb at the pasar malam. It's usually available at those stall that sell nailclippers, thimbles, threads, sewing machine oil...that kind of stuff. Hope it helps. WL

yg said...

hi anonymous (wl), thanks for the info and for jolting my memory. i think i may have seen it sold at some pasar malam, although it is not the authentic nyonya type.