Tuesday, November 2, 2010

where is albert winsemius lane?

my blogger friend victor goes to great length to keep the readers from getting to the answer/s of his quiz. using all the applications at his disposal, he will either remove certain iconic or familiar landmarks from the background/foreground or blank out certain words, signs or characters that may lead the readers to the answers.

as for me, i have neither the software ( i believe it is called 'photoshop') nor the expertise to ensure that the quiz is not a giveaway. so, i will show it as it is and i will ask direct questions based on the pictures.

first, a bit of information about the man after whom this road (or lane) is named.

albert winsemius, a dutch economist, was singapore's long-time economic adviser from 1961 to 1984. he led the united nations survey mission to singapore, and was to play a major role in the formulation of singapore's national economic development strategy.

for his contributions to singapore's economic development , he was conferred several honours. in 1967, president yusof bin ishak awarded him the distinguished service medal. in 1970, he was conferred an honorary degree by the national university of singapore. in 9176, he recieved the national trade union congress' may day gold medal of honour.

in 1997, national technological university established the albert winsemius professorship as a lasting tribute to dr albert winsemius for his significant contributions to the economic development of singapore. (source: wikipedia)

on oct 23, 2009, dr balkenende, the prime minister of the kingdom of netherlands unveiled the albert winsemius lane.

quiz question: where is albert winsemius lane? (answer must be specific; 'somewhere in the west' is not acceptable.)


pinto said...

Oh, this should be just next to Sunset Way. A wall of trees block the view of this place from Clementi Road. On the other side of the "Lodge" is the canal.

Dogcom said...

Hi YG, sorry if i spoil the fun. The answer to your quizz was already on my blog frankiekoh.blogspot.com one day before before your post haha.

yg said...

frankie, that's why they have the saying: great men think alike...even if it is one day apart.
i must make it a point to check your blog before i make a posting.

yg said...

anyway, pinto was quick on the draw. he gave the correct answer, so no chance for other people to check street directory and the google map.

Lam Chun See said...

Actually this one quite easy for me as I go there for lunch quite often. In fact I have taken several photos of this place before they converted it to a hostel. But the name of the road is new to me. Still I remember the sign board for the hostel.

yg said...

chun see, you have your lunch at the sunset way food court? once in a while, i also go to this food court. although the food is not great, there is no problem finding a seat because you do not get big crowds like those at the more popular food courts.

FL said...

This road, Albert Winsemius Lane, is created by cutting through the land area between the East Lodge Hostel and the NEA South West Regional Office (SWRO) at 335 Clementi Road. To locate this place, you have travel along the Clementi Road and then turn left into Sunset Lane. With this new addition, now you have three office gates side by side (i.e. East Lodge, New bldg (I think it is the water research centre), and the SWRO office)at the end of Sunset Lane.

yg said...

fl, wow! you must live near that area. i like the ice-cream at daily scoop and the cakes at classic cakes.

Dogcom said...

Blogger yg said...

"frankie, that's why they have the saying: great men think alike...even if it is one day apart. i must make it a point to check your blog before i make a posting."

Haha I am flattered.

With regards to the foodcourt, I run my business nearby for a long time and having the same thing it become "jelak" (tired of it). Besides, there isn't anything special here.

How about the alfresco dinning area? YG, Chun See have you guys tried it. If you like beef Grill Out (Steaks) is worth a try. The alfresco side is more up market so it's only for occasional celebrations.

Wow yg you are very familiar with Sunset Way area.

yg said...

frankie, i have been around that area for sometime. used to visit actus - a furniture store - when it was at sunset way. there used to be a popular zhi char restaurant further in. i think that area has been re-developed.
yes, i ahve eaten at grill-out.

Dogcom said...

Wow you even patronised ACTUS before! Yes I think I know the Zhi Char Restaurant you are referring to - CHIN CHIN Restaurant run by a Mr Koh, not related to me though. The place used to be called Sunset Way Shopping Centre, not very well known. It is now Freesia Woods Condo.