Saturday, November 27, 2010

dahil sa'yo (because of you)

who was the singer? no, not obama. this great american singer sang it in 1961 when he made a visit to the philippines.

english translation of the song:

long have i endured in my life
the pain and sorrows from love arise
then you came and redeemed me, my dear
my only hope in my darkest fears

because of you, there's joy in living
because of you, till death (you) must realize
in my heart i know there is only you
and ask my heart, you'll know that this is true

because of you, i found happiness
that to you i offer this love that is so blessed
though indeed i may be a slave for loving you so true
it matters not to me, 'cause everything's because of you.

the original song was written by miguel 'mike' velarde jr. it was written in 1938 for the movie 'bituing marikit' and sung by rogelio de la rosa.


peter said...

Nat King Cole.....yg look for the Lettermen version, its's great too.

peter said...

"Sapagkat Kami Ay Tao Lamang" is also good yg!!!!

yg said...

peter, i love this song. i have listened to the version by the lettermen. i agree, it's good.