Monday, May 24, 2010

which school first occupied this building?

you cannot miss this school building if you travel along upper bukit timah road. at present, it houses the school of hospitality of the dimensions international college. for a number of years after jurong gardens school moved out of the building, it was left vacant.

do you know that the school that first occupied this building had its beginning in 1925. it started with a different name and the school, which is still around, has assumed a name slightly different from its original name.

it adopted this name - the answer to the quiz question - in 1933. during the japanese occupation period, this school was closed. it reopened after the war and by 1964 it had become a full school, with both primary and secondary classes. when it became too big to manage in the 1980s, it requested the assistance of the ministry of education to convert to a government school. in 1983, it changed to a hanyu pinyin name when it ceased to be an aided school.


1 what is the name of the school that first occupied this building?

ans: seh chuan high school

2 what was it original name in 1925?

ans: tuan cheng public school

3 where is the school today?

ans: jurong east


NWW said...

I taught in this school which is still located in Jurong East from 1985-1997.

Victor said...

This school is located near a shopping centre which has the same name as a play written by Dick Lee in 1988. (Information courtesy of Google.)

Victor said...

Sorry, I mean musical, not play.

yg said...

mr nww, that's why i was quite surprised when i found out that the school you taught in has such a long history. i had thought it started in the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

1) Jurong Primary School
2) Jurong Gardens School
3) Woodlands Ring Road

yg said...

it is obvious that both nww and victor know the name of the school.

Thimbuktu said...

I didn't know the name of the school, but the clue from Dick Lee is "Beauty World". Nice quiz!