Sunday, May 30, 2010

superheroes at federation square

yesterday, i was at melbourne's federation square - just across from flinders station - when they established the guinness world record for the most number of people wearing superhero costumes in one place at one time. altogether, 1245 dressed up as comic -not comical - characters registered with the organiser. the previous record, set in london one week ago, was 1091.

there was nothing comical about it. everyone was there to have a good time. humans were not the only entrants, a number of dogs also got into the act. there were also superbabies who came in their prams.

father and son, mother and daughter, father and daughter, and mother and son combinations as superhero duo were quite common.

there were also whole families of superheroes. one family had superman as dad, batgirl as mom and the child was dressed up as spiderman or rather, spiderboy. the most popular character was superman, followed by batman, robin and spiderman.

they came in all shapes, sizes and ages. these people really live up to the saying: there is a child in everyone of us. i find that the australians are game to try and do things when it comes to letting their hair down. in s'pore, i envisage that this is unlikely to take place; imagine your neighbour coming down from his hdb flat, wearing this costume, getting into his car in it and driving himself to the venue (of the gathering). no singapore adult would want to be caught dead in this act.

it was an event that attracted a lot of shutterbugs. many of those togged in superhero costumes were also going around armed with a camera to capture other dressed-up people.

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