Friday, December 11, 2009

pink necked green pigeons

i first came across the pink-necked green pigeons at sungei buloh wetland reserve. they usually make their appearance on the trees next to the pond, near the entrance of the reserve. when they fly, they make a distinct flapping sound. most times, i will see a pair of them but sometimes i may see as many as five.

today, i saw as many as thirty of them on a single tree at the zhenghua park. they were not roosting but feeding on the same berries found on the tree. pink-necked pigeon are quite well camouflaged. there are about six of them in the above picture. can you spot them?

as with most other animals, the male pink-necked pigeon is more colourful (attractive) than its female counterpart. unlike the common pigeon, this species of pigeon normally do not come to the ground; they are always perched on shrubs and trees.


Yu-Kym said...

The 6 pigeoons are hard to spot. They look like fruit!

yg said...

hi yu-kym, actually it is not the good camouflage that you cannot make out the pigeons on the tree, it is the poor quality of the photos. i used a point-and shoot camera and tried to capture the shot against the sun.