Tuesday, December 28, 2010

unusual stuff we saw in hanoi

we came across this gas cylinder, topped with something that looked like a home-made rocket. there was a hose attached to somewhere near the base of the rocket. what do you think is this object standing by the roadside? is it a lamp? or is it a petrol pump? i had thought it was used to illuminate the roadside stall but my friend told me it was an illegal petrol pump. they sold petrol to motorcyclists mainly. there were a few of these pumps on that short stretch of road.

these bundles on the sidewalk look like chop-sticks. i do not think they are chop-sticks. they were outside a shop selling incense papers and joss-sticks. joss-sticks are made out of bamboo and covered with sawdust or sandalwood. those coated with sawdust tend to be more smoky.

this man was smoking the local tobacco (thuoc lao) using a bamboo pipe. it is commonly smoked immediately after a meal to 'aid in digestion'. it reminds me of the opium pipe which i had seen my former neighbour in the kampong used. the old man would recline on his bed to smoke his opium.

the vietnamese woman carrying two shallow trays of large water apples used an old fashioned weighing scale called a daching. a daching is a weighing scale used in the old days, and it is still being used in some chinese medical shops to weigh the herbs.

these are not half bras. these are masks which the vietnamese wear over their mouth and nose to protect themselves from the dust and dirt. they are especially popular with women on motorcycles. some pedestrians were also spotted wearing such masks on the streets. each mask costs around $0.60 - that was the amount we paid.


Victor said...

I thought the object for first photo looked like a drip for a hospital patient. I was wrong, of course. But I am quite sure that the big yellow words behind the object, "RUA XE" mean "car wash".

Uncle Lee said...

Hi YG, I love the rose apples...and the Vietnamese have always been known for being innovative....as the American military had learned.
Nice pics.....
This one country I hope to visit in the not too distant future.
Have a great week, Lee.

yg said...

victor, where did you learn to read vietnamese? are you planning to visit vietnam?

yg said...

lee, rose apple and water apple refer to the same fruit? the malay name is 'jambu air', so i thought they were called water apple.
visit vietnam before those svelte young women become obese.

Victor said...

YG, I learnt the language in Singapore. Don't be alarmed, I didn't learnt it from young Vietnamese girls in Joo Chiat.