Saturday, October 2, 2010

car washing in melbourne

yes, in australia, they do wash their cars too. yes, they also drive it to a petrol station to have it done. the difference between australia and singapore is that most australian drivers do the washing at the petrol kiosk themselves. nevertheless, there are a few places where you can get a 'hand wash' by a team of workers. you can even have your dog shampooed at the same car-wash, at a different area. because of water restriction in the state, you are not allowed to wash your car at home.

with the minimum wage policy and consequently, a higher labour cost, the petrol kiosk or station is mostly a self-service place. in australia, if you know how to drive a car, you must know how to operate the pump at the petrol kiosk. there is no pump attendant to do it for you. similarly, at the car-wash, do not expect anyone to serve you.

how much you spend at the car-wash may also depend on how many kinds of cleaning you want and how efficient you are. for the most basic wash, my son-in-law, ian, usually spends about $2 to give his car a wash whereas my daughter, ivy, feeds the machine $5 or $6 to get the same thing done. if you want a more thorough cleaning job, with waxing, thrown in, you may have to spend more than $10 at the coin-operated car wash.


Uncle Phil said...

During the water restriction in NSW, we can only use a bucket to wash the car. Many of my Ozzie friends commented on the cleaniness of the cars on the in Singapore after their visit. I only wash my car when I have a visiting Singaporean. Haha. Honestly, it is the inside of the car that counts... in fact, I feel good driving the dirtiest looking car in the street during the water restriction.Haha.

anjungsk8punk said...

wooww.. I like it... lol

yg said...

phil, my own observation is that the cars in melbourne are 'younger' and better maintained than those i saw when i first visited melbourne in the 70s. back then i saw many old cars - more than 10 years old - on the roads. also, now, there are more japanese and korean cars.