Wednesday, September 8, 2010

once there was a bridge here

this is part of the bukit panjang integrated sports complex. the two tennis courts and street soccer pitch have been built over the canal. the canal serves as the run-off for water from the pang sua stormwater pond. when it rains heavily, the canal fills up and the water can be very fast flowing.

there was a cable-stayed bridge over the canal. this bridge was built by the land transport authority (lta) to provide a short-cut to the bus-stop for the residents living in this part of bukit panjang. it must have cost the lta a few hundred thousand to build this pedestrian-cum-cyclist bridge. it took them just about a week to dismantle the whole bridge.

before they wrecked the bridge, they had to prop up the arches. you can see the metal beams (in the above picture) which they used to support the arches as the bridge was systematically dismantled. for the few days we had to endure the rattling and banging as they used heavy machinery to carry out the demolition.

this was the bridge that served us well for a number of years. it was integrated with the covered walkway that led to the bus-stop about 150m away. with the bridge now gone, we have to walk along the perimeter of the front of the complex to get to the covered walkway.

today, 8 september 2010, is the official opening of the bukit panjang sports complex.


Andy Young* said...
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Uncle Lee said...

Hello YG, I remember this area from wayyyy back to the '60s, '70s, and was caught in traffic holdups when it rained.
In fact I still remember Singapore of the old days, Bugis street for the poh pia and rojak, North Bridge road for bak kut teh, Beach road for laksa, etc.
Youhave a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

yg said...

uncle lee, you should revisit s'pore. today, for bak kut teh, you should go to balestier road; laksa, to katong; rojak to whampoa food centre; and poh pia, to coronation plaza. of course, there are other places in s'pore where you can get the food that you have mentioned. have a nice day!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi YG, hey....I noticed you're retired, so no need address as 'uncle Lee', ha ha....even though I believe I'm quite a few miles ahead of you along Age road.
Just 'Lee' will be fine with me.

"lee' for those have not gone on honeymoon yet, ha ha....
Thank you for the mention of that bak teh.
I guess I have lost touch with Singapore and apart from the places I mentioned earlier, loved that kai fun at Mandarin's Chatterbox, and Shangrila's after midnight prawn porridge,

Used to be a frequent visitor to the Mandarin's Kasbah too....when I was either business entertaining or entertaining Singapore's finest, the two legged ones in sarongs, *wink*.
Last trip there was in 2002.....and your city sure has changed.
You stay easy and keep well, best regards, Lee.