Tuesday, July 20, 2010

johor state mosque & royal mausoleum

there are more than 70 mosques in singapore; however, there is one mosque here which is maintained by the government of johor (masjid kerjaan johor). where is this mosque?


the masjid temenggong daeng ibrahim also referred to as the telok blangah johor state mosque is on telok blangah road. this mosque was previously a reception hall of the temenggong's residence. it is a small mosque with a pentagonal-shaped ceiling.

next to the mosque, on slightly higher ground, is the johor royal mausoleum. how many singaporeans are aware that the temenggong (temenggong abdul rahman) who negotiated the treaty with sir stamford raffles is buried in this mausoleum?

others who are buried in this mausoleum include his son temenggong ibrahim and close members of the family. the last member of the family to be buried there was ungku mohammed khalif (died 1900), who at one time lived in the building used for radin mas school. he was a well-known figure in singapore sporting circles. he was the younger son of temenggong ibrahim and thus a grand uncle of the late sultan of johor.

according to my friend, the late sultan of johor would visit this mosque and mausoleum every hari raya puasa to pay his respect to his ancestors. wonder if his sucessor will continue this tradition?

behind and beside this building is the graveyard where the followers of the temenggongs were buried. only a handful of graves appeared to be receiving attention while the rest seemed to have long been forgotten.

this backyard was where a special bathing area of temenggong abdul rahman was housed. a stream from mt faber (telok blangah hill) used to flow to this bathing area. today, there is no sign of any running water.


Icemoon said...

Is the bath far from the building? Did you encounter any trouble in the compound?

I notice their English and Malay words very special.

Blangah becomes Belangah.
Mausoleum becomes Mousoleum.

yg said...

icemoon, i am not sure if the dilapidated structure is the bath area. no problem moving around in the compound but we didn't step into the mosque. don't go on a friday. don't drive. mousoleum may be a case of mis-spelling.