Wednesday, April 21, 2010

old building quiz
in the 50s and 60s, this building used to serve as quarters for policemen

straits settlement police logo still on the building

straits settlement police trainees at thomson road
(picture from national archives of s'pore)

where is this building?

what is its present use?

the building is at 195 pearl's hill terrace. it has been given the name 'the station' and it is now a commercial building.
the present building occupies the site of the first tan tock seng hospital, built by john turnbull thomson (government surveyor, 1841 - 54) in 1844 - 6. in 1858, it was requisitioned by the military authorities to provide accommodation for the european artillerymen coming to man fort canning. after proper quarters had been built for them, the site was used for some years for the commissariat store and arsenal. the hill was first called mount stamford, after sir stamford raffles. its present name comes from lt. james pearl. r.n., owner and commander of the indiana, the vessel in which raffles sailed from penang in january 1819, on the expedition that culminated in the founding of singapore. in may 1822, pearl purchased the hill from chinese gambier and pepper planters, some of whom, at least, must have settled there before 1819. in 1828, his agents sold it back to the government for rs. 10,000, after he had retired to europe, but his name has remained associated with it. it was purchased for use for the military cantonments, but in the end these were placed on the neighbouring high ground, which is still known as sepoy lines.
(from singapore guide and street directory, 1969)


Lam Chun See said...

Can give some hints or not? Like north south east west central part of Spore.

yg said...

i think one of the hospitals used to be housed here.

Anonymous said...

This building is in Beach Road - former Central Station Police barracks.

It is now occupied by the Raffles Design Institute.

yg said...

anonymous, beach rd is about 3.5km from this place.

yg said...

i just found out that google (get directions) does not have this place on its map.

jlow said...

Does the building on the right of the 1st photo looks like Ritz Carlton Hotel....hmmm

Anonymous said...

It is 195, Pearl's Hill Terrace, now use for offices.

yg said...

anonymous got both correct. see updated posting for the answers.