Sunday, February 28, 2010

why are dogs not allowed?

have you ever wondered why dogs are not allowed in our nature reserves. you can take your dog to the park, to the beach, to the botanic gardens and to many other public places but not to the nature reserves.

some of the reasons could be:

dogs may directly kill wildlife. although most of the times they cannot catch the squirrels or the birds, sometimes they do succeed. even if they do not succeed in killing the wildlife, they may injure the wildlife enough to cause their subsequent death.

dogs can trample the vegetation.

dogs can transmit a number of pathogens to wildlife. these pathogens may be found in the poos of the dogs.

by the way, dogs are also not allowed in the water of our reservoirs.

if you read one the information boards at the wallace education centre at dairy farm nature reserve, you will have an idea why they forbid dogs in the reserve: "animals brought into the nature reserves threaten native forest species. the last banded-leaf monkey at bukit timah forest reserve was mauled to death by dogs..... "

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