Sunday, November 8, 2009

el paso - marty robbins (1959 song)

the song is a first-person narrative told by a cowboy who was in el paso, texas, in the days of the wild west. he fell in love with feleena, at rosa's cantina dancing. when another man made advances on "wicked feleena", the narrator gunned down the challenger, then fled el paso for fear of being hanged for murder or killed in revenge by his victim's friends. he hid out in the "badlands of new mexico".

the narrator switches from the past tense to the present tense for the remainder of the song, describing the yearning that drives him to return to el paso in the face of almost certain death: "it's been so long since i've seen the young maiden / my love is stronger than my fear of death". upon entering the town, he is attacked and fatally wounded by a posse, but the cowboy is found by feleena, and he dies in her arms


doris said...

whoa yg. thanks for sharing this beautiful ballad that i used to sing way back then.

yg said...

doris, my ex-colleague was the one who introduced me to these older oldies. i will post them on a regular basis.