Wednesday, August 26, 2009

graffiti galore at old changi hospital

the abandoned buildings of the old changi hospital attract a host of people with different interests and inclinations. school children find the space on the walls an inviting medium to express their thoughts and feelings or to give vent to their frustrations. the graffiti vandals seem to have a field day at this site. nevetheless, there are some pieces that can qualify as graffiti art, like the 'street dance' ad the 'crab' above.

another group of people who haunt this place are the ghost hunters. you can see evidence of their having been there in almost every corner of the buildings. there are joss sticks stuck into cracks or where power-point plugs used to be. there were even joss papers scattered on the floor. on the top level, some occult group has been there to practise their cult. i suppose these groups of people are active only at night.

then there are the scrap metal hunters and karung guni men. it seems it is not just metal they are after. anything that is of use and value does not stand a chance against these raiders. the fire hose from the reel was not spared. someone tired unsuccessfully to remove a rectangular metal box fixed to the wall. my friend thought it could be a safe.

evidence that it was a former hospital can be obtained from some of the documents strewn on the floor. somebody must have ransacked the cupboards and drawers in the hope of finding something valuable and he must have chucked the valueless old documents on the floor.

built in 1930, it was meant to be a strategic military location in the east of singapore. from the building, you get a good view of the sea to the north and east of singapore. after the british moved out, it was turned into a public hospital but one of the higher levels was reserved for army personnels.


Victor said...

You didn't salvage the medical file? What a waste! Somebody should be charged for exposing state secrets and confidential records and the file is good evidence to get him nailed.

BTW Cat 'A' on the file means the subject is combat fit.

yg said...

victor, an officer's name appeared on the medical forms..a certain lta wong.

Andy Young* said...

It's healthy to allow artistic graffiti on old hospital walls. Healthy! Better than seeing the doctor and swallowing pills. Just express yourself.

yg said...

andy, i agree with you on artistic grafitti but not those crude and obscene grafitti, like those found on some toilet doors.

Jaly Can said...

If you look closely at our new urban art collection you'll see elements of design made popular by street art.