Tuesday, October 28, 2008

smallest roundabout in singapore

i was exploring the changi village area when i came across this cute roundabout. actually it is not a roundabout because you do not have three or more roads converging; there is this small island in the middle where you make a u-turn.

in melbourne, which i visit quite often because both my daughters are there, i have come across roads in the suburban areas which are punctuated by traffic islands from one end to the other. i thought they were done for aesthetic reasons but my friend, who migrated to australia, explained to me that it is a measure to discourage speeding along the quiet road within a residential area.

wonder why the british call it a circus while the americans refer to it as a traffic circle.

chun see posted a quiz based on 10 roundabouts in singapore here.


Anonymous said...

this is cute. where's this place? You should stand on that roundabout for a photo.

yg said...

it is at changi village road, behind the row of shops where europa bar used to be. in the background, on the left, is the hindu temple.

Victor said...

I think I found the smallest roundabout in the world.